Mobile + Responsive Web Design

Global Internet traffic from mobile devices has reached almost 20%. With this in mind it is important to consider optimizing your website for mobile to match growing user expectations.

Half of mainstream websites are accessed using mobile devices so it's key to ensure all devices access your site seamlessly.

A huge proportion of users now access the web only using tablets or mobile phones, so implementing a responsive website design will help ensure your business communicates its message effectively across all screen sizes. Tablets and mobile phones are changing the digital landscape on which audiences interact with brands. Optimising your website for consumption on a wide range of devices is an essential part of any company’s digital strategy. 

Bespoke Mobile Web Design

One example of our mobile design can be seen (on your mobile) at This is, essentially, a condensed version of the full website ( with a focus on displaying specific information that users may be trying to access while on the move. As well as the content, the layout and sizing are optimized to suit the touch screen experience. 

Responsive Website Design

The alternative option is to design a responsive, flexible solution. Responsive website designs display exactly the same content but style and arrange it in different ways depending the size of your browser window. This allows us to generate a design for your website that will run seamlessly on a desktop, tablet and a mobile browser, this site is an example of responsive website design. 

Adaptive Website Design

The final thing to consider is whether the media within the site needs to be adaptive - this is when multiple elements of the media are generated to match different use scenarios. For example smaller images are generated for low bandwidth mobile use, making the mobile load more efficient. Again this website ia an example of adaptive website design.

Mobile Website Design London Since 2000

Minuco was founded in Camden Town in 1998 and has been providing professional web design and development ever since, our design studios are now based in Bloomsbury central London between Covent Garden and Holborn.