Web Development

Websites can come in many forms generally using a content management systems (CMS allowing site administrators all the information presented on the site) or 'shopping cart' (for an ecommerce system catalogue):

Whatever type of website you need to build or maintain - corporate, ecommerce, social, or blog - Minuco have the expertise,

Web development - the code bit behind the pretty design interfaces - can come in many forms generally using a framework called a content management systems (CMS allowing site administrators to update and manage all the information presented on the site) for a standard website or a 'shopping cart' for an ecommerce system catalogue:

Bespoke Web Development - This is when a website is developed for a specific sometimes unique requirement - normally for larger complex projects, and generally based on tried and tested business processes that are being replicated in an online environment.

Web Content Management - A CMS is when the website content (text, images, video and structure) can be managed by the site owner / administrator without any technical knowledge. Content management systems come in many formats however most client prefer well supported opensource code frameworks like wordpress, drupal, umbraco and expression engine.

Business Website - In reality a business website may be developed using a standard content management system or ecommerce platform however because of the unique nature of most businesses extra care is needed in planning a web based business 2 business system that presents the business services and or products in a format that is accessible and user friendly to the  business customers and partners.

Ecommerce Website Design - An online shop - Business to consumer (B2C) transactions from a website. Like a business to business website the core of a shop is probably going to be an online catalogue combined with a process to select items from the catalogue, generate an order and execute an online payment transaction.

Social Networking Sites - A community website brings specialist groups together, in its most successful formats like Facebook or MySpace the specialist group sometimes spills out into the general community but the sites still keep their core specialist feel.

W3C Accessibility Website - W3C (www - world wide web - consortium) develops standards and recommendation on how the web should be used. Part of the W3C remit is to recommend how information should be presented to end users in a format that includes as many users as possible. That basically means accessibility standards, things like allowing your content to be reviewed in different font sizes, picture tagging, voice browser compatibility and more.

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Minuco was founded in Camden Town in 1998 and has been providing professional web design and development ever since, our design studios are now based in Bloomsbury central London between Covent Garden and Holborn.